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Name:Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Leroy Jethro Gibbs was born in 1958 (he joined the Corps when he was 18 and it had been the Bicentennial) in the small rural town of Stillwater, Pennsylvania. His birth sign is Virgo. His father is Jackson Gibbs, who named him after his business partner Leroy Jethro. He attended Marine Corps Recruiting Depot (MCRD) Parris Island in South Carolina. His first assignment was Infantry at Camp LeJeune. Sometime during that tour he was selected for or applied for sniper training, which he completed. His weapon was the Marine M-40A1 Sniper Rifle with hand-loaded Lapua 308 boat tail, full metal jacket, and molybdenum (or "moly")-coated rounds. After training, he participated in Operation: Just Cause in 1989 and Operation: Desert Storm in 1991 where he served under the command of Colonel William Ryan and Colonel Ryan's executive officer, Lieutenant Cameron. Lieutenant Cameron died in Gibbs' arms after being mortally wounded in an engagement. Gunnery Sergeant Gibbs was severely wounded in Desert Storm and spent 19 days in a coma as a result.

Prior to joining NCIS, Gunnery Sergeant Gibbs was attached to a military operation involved in performing interdiction of the drug trade in Colombia. During the course of the operation Gibbs was wounded and nursed back to health by a Colombian woman. Mike Franks was also involved in the operation in some fashion, as indicated by his evacuation of Rosa Tamayo from Colombia to Washington D.C. The exact nature of the operation and Gibbs' role in it were classified.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs joined NIS in June of 1992 (shortly before the name changed to NCIS in August 1992), following the murder of his wife and daughter, and his subsequent revenge and separation from the Marines. Now a Special Agent, Gibbs served under Special Agent Michael "Mike" Franks, to whom he was and is still known as "probie," until the latter's retirement in 1996 following the terrorist attack on the Khobar Towers. Gibbs then served in various assignments, including one possibly in Kosovo and one in 1999 which brought him into contact with NCIS Special Agent Jennifer Shepard (later NCIS Director).

Sometime around 2001 he was given his own MCRT at the Washington Field Office of NCIS, where he hired former Baltimore Police Department Detective Anthony DiNozzo. In the sixth season episode, Agent Afloat, Director Vance mentioned that Gibbs' last assignment as an "agent afloat" occurred seven years ago, which could imply that Gibbs served as an "agent afloat" for at least three months in 2001, since Gibbs once mentioned that one his ex-wives was having an affair while he was completing a three month posting aboard a ship in the Mediterranean Sea. He also once insinuated this in an interrogation, but DiNozzo couldn't figure out if he was speaking from experience or not.

After foiling a terrorist attack on the President, Gibbs then put former Secret Service Kate Todd on his team, and a year later he hired Tim McGee into his team. His friend Ducky was already in place as his medical examiner and Abby was already in forensics. When Kate was fatally shot by Ari Haswari, he asked Ziva David (Ari's half-sister) to help him in a plan to take down Ari. The plan succeeded: Ziva ended up killing Ari, though Gibbs concealed this fact in his report, instead stating that he himself had killed Haswari. A few months later, Ziva was attached to the team as a Mossad liaison.

A year later, Gibbs was caught in an explosion, which put him in a coma, that made him lose most memories of events following his first coma in 1991. Through the efforts of Director Shepard, Officer David and retired Special Agent Mike Franks, he recovered his memory. Special Agent Gibbs was unfortunately unable to avert an attack upon a US Navy vessel, due in part both to his memory loss and secrecy concerns from higher up the chain of command. Special Agent Gibbs' anger over the loss of the sailors and marines led him to retire to Mexico where his former mentor Mike Franks lives.

This retirement didn't last long, as Ziva became caught up in Mossad intrigue. Gibbs returned to assist Ziva. After clearing her of any wrong-doing, he was visited by FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell. He was temporarily reinstated in the reopening of Paulson's case. Afterward, his retirement package was un-filed; he was permanently reinstated into NCIS, and retook control of his team, relieving DiNozzo, who had taken the position of team leader at Gibbs' request.

At the conclusion of the sixth season episode Murder 2.0, Gibbs was awarded his seventh Meritorious Service Medal, an award which as usual was accepted on his behalf by DiNozzo.


Rule #1: Never screw over your partner.

Rule #1: Never let suspects stay together.

Rule #2: Always wear gloves at a crime scene.

Rule #3: Don't believe what you're told. Double check.

Rule #3: Never be unreachable.

Rule #4: The best way to keep a secret? Keep it to yourself. Second best? Tell one other person - if you must. There is no third best.

Rule #5: Don't waste good.

Rule #6: Never apologize. It's a sign of weakness.*

Rule #7: Always be specific when you lie.

Rule #8: Never take anything for granted.

Rule #9: Never go anywhere without a knife.

Sometimes as "Never leave home without a knife."

Rule #10: Never get personally involved in a case.

Rule #11: When the job is done, walk away.

Rule #12: Never date a coworker.

Rule #13: Never, ever involve a lawyer.

Rule #15: Always work as a team.

Rule #18: It's better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.

Rule #22: Never, ever bother Gibbs in interrogation.

Rule #23: Never mess with a Marine's coffee if you want to live.

Rule #27: Two ways to follow: First way they never notice you, second way they only notice you.

Rule #35: Always watch the watchers.

Rule #38: Your case, your lead.

Rule #39: There is no such thing as coincidence.

Rule #40: If it seems someone is out to get you, they are.

Rule #44: First things first, hide the women and children.

Rule #45: If you get held up at customs, use Gibbs name.

Rule #45 Clean up the mess that you make

Rule #51: Sometimes -- You're wrong.


[Gibbs is SO NOT mine. He is from the great television show NCIS Mark owns himself or so I'd hope. This journal is for play only. Muse and mun 18+]
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